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You aren’t here to find a long-winded explanation of why you need marketing communications and PR services. You are here because you are already looking for an agency that can help you define your communication strategy and the pertaining means and measures. And you have found it: shortways communications is your partner for all strategic and practical matters of communication.

With our pool of expert cooperation partners, we can provide you with an excellent network of specialists. Our team of consultants, journalists, copywriters, and designers will develop the right content for the right communication channels – online and offline.

The more complex your products and services, the more you need a partner who speaks your language. We are experts for any communication challenge. And we think in terms of both specific channels and integrated communication concepts.

PR Services

Press relations help to build trust.
To be successful, they need continuity.

Public relations

Target your messages precisely.
Make use of our know-how and excellent media contacts.

Editorial services

PR depends on content. Copy creates identity.
Present yourself as a strong brand.


Exude competence. Place your key messages.
Answer difficult questions. Let’s make you fit!

Marketing Communications

Strategies that bring results.
Successful communication advice for companies of all sizes.


Strengthen the perception of your brand:
Recognise your capabilities and exploit them.

Marketing activities

What do you wish to communicate to whom?
Intrigue prospects and customers by the way you address them.