Marketing Activities

What do you wish to communicate to whom?
Intrigue your prospects and customers by the way you address them.

Deploying the entire toolkit of communications

The term ‘marketing collateral’ describes the chosen array of media used to improve the sales of a product or service. Originally the term “collateral” was mainly associated with sales brochures and suchlike tools. Today, enterprises have a wider choice of media to inform prospects and customers about their various products and services. Consequently, the term now refers to both online and offline media.

Let us find out together:

  • What makes your product or service offering unique? What are its benefits for the target group?
  • In what ways is your offering better than that of your competitors?

Based on the ensuing key messages and identified supporting content, we will design your corporate publishing.

Brochures, folders, flyers


Catalogues, newsletters, direct mails

Business reports

User reports


Audio, video